Stretch Wrapping Back Pain

Stretch Film H & SThe manual application of stretch wrap films to pallets is the cause of increasing epidemic of back injuries and other accidents, a fact that is confirmed by many stretch wrap film suppliers urging that the only way to use this packaging material safely is by means of semi or automatic machines. The human frame is not suited to walking backwards in spirals, around pallets applying sufficient pressure to the roll of film to stretch it such that it applies pressure to the load in order to secure it. This aspect of the material is well documented, but not so the trip hazard it presents if left on the floor. The film is transparent and tacky, consequently it's ability to get entangled around feet and wheeled vehicles is just too easy... it can be rather like standing on a sticky fly catcher strip.

A similar accusation is occasionally made with regard to plastic strapping but there are significant differences i.e. the strap is not transparent and therefore visible in the event 'housekeeping' is not up to date., and of course it doesn't cling to itself or objects.... and it doesn't require the person applying it to walk backwards in spirals ending up dizzy because there are now mobile pallet strapping machines. that will apply two straps simultaneously in just six seconds. Full details of low cost pallet strapping machines can be found on and a video Strapping the cost effective way! illustrates how quick, easy and safe pallet strapping can be.
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