...a word that describes so many activities that generally occur on a grand scale, embracing workplace practices, product movement and equipment suppliers, and its the latter upon which this brief article attempt to focus.

There are certain products that in development terms don't change much if at all over many years, hand pallet trucks for example have always lifted and moved pallets and developments have been limited either to making manufacture cheaper or ergonomically safer, but until now, no-one has attempted to combine the function of a pallet truck and strapping machine whose functions are closely linked in a packing and warehouse environment. Its surprising that so many manufacturers fail to identify how their core product can be put to other uses to give them a marketing edge.

Pallet Strapping Machine Toyota

In this instance it was not a hand pallet truck manufacturer that saw this potential but The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd of Nottingham UK. that is now placing its Toyota Hand Pallet Truck conversions into all industry sectors, that strap and move more than 20 pallets a day, and effectively reducing the time taken to strap and move a pallet by 50%.

Click this link Pallet Strapping Made Easy to see how effective this simple adaptation is in practice. The units are manufactured in Nottingham and further information can be obtained by emailing info@pscl.co.uk or viewing the web site www.pscl.co.uk and Low Cost Mobile Pallet Strapping Machines.


Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information on this unique range of pallet strapping equipment.

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