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The Plastic Strapping Company now offer for hire a mobile pallet strapping machine that will simultaneously place two plastic straps around and under a pallet in approx 6 seconds - and it's this part of the strapping operation that normally takes all the time, and slows thruput down. See how to make pallet strapping slow and tiring.

The improvement achieved is dramatic and few pieces of low cost strapping equipment can make this claim, and substantiate it.

Apart from reducing time, effort and cost these pallet strapping machines are mobile so no pre-pallet handling is required prior to applying the straps.

The equipment is normally bespoke manufactured but the hire fleet specification is:

 VP2 Pallet Strapping Machines ex stock - available for short term hire and rent. 

These stock pallet strapping machines are suitable for use with either two way of four way entry pallets 1200mm x 1000mm and 1000mm x 1000mm. (and smaller pallets too provided the forks will go into the smaller pallet entries)  

The forks are 1350mm long  x 650mm wide and note that ideally the forks should protrude from the back edge of the pallets by 150mm

The upper gantries are 1250mm long and approx 1900mm from the ground. 

Max pack height that can be strapped is ideally 1600mm - 1700mm.

Most companies hiring these strapping machines already have strapping tools but if not then battery operated strapping tools can frequently be supplied, also on a hire basis ( terms apply)


Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information.



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