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 Steel strapping

is the strongest of all strapping materials, but it's use has been in rapid decline during the last twenty years due mainly to the fact that the major users such as building products manufacturers quickly switched to using polypropylene and polyester strapping. The key incentives to change were cost, non rusting qualities, safer to handle, and the abilty for the polyester straps to remain tight in all ambient conditions and even where pack consolidation takes place. Another key safety issue is that polyester strap has far greater resistance to fracture than steel strapping in shock loading conditions.... it has alot going for it and is easy to understand why polyester strapping is the main reason that use of steel strapping is fast in decline.

Steel Banding

  • Steel strapping is nevertheless the strongest of all strapping materials but its use is now limited to where low elongation strapping is required, and where perhaps the product is hot when strapped as would be the case with ingots for example.
  • Steel strapping is supplied by The  Plastic Strapping Company Ltd,  a full range of strapping specifications together with all types of strapping tool including sealess, pneumatic, and  strapping tools for all types of application. Click this link Steel Banding Tools to see a good selection, and here to see the range of trolleys to enable the steel banding strapping be moved and safely dispensed..

There is good reason therefore for contacting The Plastic Strapping Company for your Steel Strapping requirements.

Bear in mind also that from time to time we do have excellent Used Banding Tools.


Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information.


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