Battery Powered Banding Tool Repairs and Service.

Strapping Banding Tool repairs and Service


It really does pay to buy a strapping tool that can be serviced by the user as the eye watering charges made by some some Packaging Material Companies are impossible to justify and are in effect regarded as a licence to print money. This state of affairs applies particularly to battery powered strapping and banding tools where the repair costs can easily reach £300 - £400 each time.

Strapping Tool Repair & Setrvice ScamAnd users pay that that, time and time again without any knowledge of what has been done to the banding tool, if items charged have actually been fitted,and just as important the condition of the spares fitted i.e. are they new or used and categorised on the invoice as such. 

All Banding tool service departments are under pressure to create revenue and it is more than a coincidence that users report with increasing frequency that this type of tool once returned for repair, never seems to last as long before another repair is needed.

It is strongly recommended therefore that users request the return of any component that has been removed from their Friction Weld Strapping & Banding Tools.


It is the case that some friction weld tools are easier to maintain than others and a good example of this is the S-BXT Battery Powered Banding Tool where the key wear components can be replaced in just a few minutes by the user. Check this video Strapping Tool Repair and Service to see just how easy it is - it's not worth parceling the tool up for return - and call us if you would like further information on 0044 (0)115 9291212.

Incidentally many banding tools returned for repair have been dropped and damaged, so the conclusion to be drawn is obviously - don't drop them, and prevent this happening using the unique equipment manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd

Click the link to see how these strapping tools can be supported and incorporated into the mobile pallet strapping machines manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. Nottingham

Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information.

Strapping tool repair and service

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