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 The fact is that too many packaging buyers focus on the cost of buying strapping tools, rather than the cost of operating them i.e. fail to take into consideration that with everyone of these strapping tools comes with a very expensive accessory





 i.e. someone to operate them.  The euphoria therefore is short lived as the reality is that unless just a few cartons a day are strapped, strapping handtools can condemn Companies to losses amounting to thousands of pounds a year - every year!

An exaggeration? Far from it - consider the facts that apply to a company strapping just 20 cartons a day, each with two plastic straps.

The average cost of labour used in packing despatch departments in the UK is in the region of 16 - 20 pence per minute so if on average it takes say 1.5 minutes to apply the straps to each carton that's a 30 pence on cost for each carton, so the 20 cartons will cost in the region of £6.0 a day and take 30 minutes.  Equate this to a 5 day x £6.0/day x 50 weeks and the annual cost becomes £1500 per annum, and the time taken 125 hours.


Consider the option - a semi automatic strapping machine that applies a strap in 1.5 seconds. Time taken to strap 20 cartons (40 straps) will be just 60 seconds, but allowing for taking the carton on and off the machine say 10 seconds per carton.... and the labour cost will be just 2 pence per carton. Consider the annual costs - 20 cartons/day x 5 days x 50 weeks x 2 pence = £100

A saving of £1400 or put another way - whatever price tag was attached to the cheap handtool, £1400 should be added - that's why

strapping handtools can be so expensive. and why the cheapest option is a semi automatic strapping machine that costs just £600.

It really is a case of:

 'If you need a strapping machine and don't buy one - you end up paying for one three times over, and never owning one! 


Click the link Semi Automatic Machine Strapping to understand what we mean.



Strappin Machine



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