Automated plastic  strapping Machine Systems

Strapping machines:

Strapping machines are machines that apply a paper, steel, polypropylene or polyester straps to packs, boxes, cartons, bundles and pallets of manufactured goods.The strapping can range from 5mm - 32mm in width with a  variety of break strength and elongation characteristics.

Strapping is a popular and one of the lowest cost materials to:

  • Close and make secure a container or bundle be it metal, plastic, timber, cardboard, glass, or in fact any other material.
  • To provide additional security to a pack and help prevent pilferage, particularly when printed strapping is used that is unique to the user.
  • To minimize risk of 'part deliveries' by carriers when printed strapping makes all parts of a consignment easily identifyable.
  • Reducing freight costs by consolidating many items into just one package.
  • Ensuring pack stability and safety for product on pallets during handling and transportation..

Types of Strapping Machines

Strapping machines fall mainly  into three categories:

Box Bander
Semi Automatic
Automatic Banding Machine

Automated Strapping Machine




.. the choice of which will be influenced by the type of product and throughput, plant layout, as it may not be convenient to send all product through one strapping point, and of course the budget available. Strapping Machines of this type are generally static so perhaps mention should be made of a fourth rapidly growing category - the simple mobile strapping machines manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd that can in fact be faster than the rather expensive conventional strapping machines and certainly cost far less.  

Capabilities and applications:

  • Semi Automatic Strapping machines that can place a strap around a carton in just 1.5 seconds and in comparison make handtools a rather expensive option with current labour rates.
  • Automatic Strapping Machines, generally used for strapping bundles and cartons at speeds ranging from 27 - 60 straps per minute although it has to be said these are theoretical speeds as much depends on how fast the machines can be manually fed with packs.
  • Automated Strapping Machines incorporate conveyor systems and photo cell pack detection. They need no operators and are placed into production lines. 
  • Static Pallet Strapping Machines that can fall both into the automatic and automated strapping machine category and models are available to apply either vertical or horizontal straps to pallets.  The cost of operating this type of strapping machine is often mis calculated as the cost of equipment, time and labour cost involved in feeding and taking away pallets is sometimes overlooked.
  • Mobile strapping machines  that can apply up to four straps all at once- vertical or horizontal, or a mixture of both are uniquely manufactured to order by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. These strapping machines are ridiculously simple - require no maintence - cost very little, with payback generally less than six months - can use low cost strapping - and can be as fast as strapping machines costing tens of thousands of pounds due to the fact that packs due not have to be indexed by conveyor under the strapping head at every strap location.

Choice of strapping machine for purchasers is not easy as all manufacturers will naturally state their product range is the best suited to your application when reality of course is that every strapping companies product range has its strengths and weakness's,  but it's very unlikely you will be told, as sales targets have to be made and commisions earned.  That's when independent advice should be sought.

The Plastic Strapping Company Limited is a long established manufacturer of strapping machinery and tooling that not only offers unique bespoke pallet strapping equipment but also the range of conventional strapping machines sourced from the major international strapping machine manufacturers.  A key benefit for a prospective buyer when contacting PSCL being we can give a completely independent opinion on most of the strapping machines you are likely to be offered, the actual - not the promised - after sales service and costs and consequently a better chance of making  the right decision.


Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information.


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