With plenty of conflicting advice on the internet regarding the purchase of used or secondhand strapping machines making it difficult to decide whether to use this method of aquiring a strapping machine  it's as well to exercise caution and be aware of what brand of strapping machine is being offered, and to also fully understand who is offering it and the words used to  describe the machine.

The source - who's offering it:

Ideally you should buy from a well established specialist strapping machine company - a company who has extensive experience with strapping machines and can provide after sales service. So many machines are offered by individual traders that 'dabble' in a bit of this - a bit of that, with very little knowledge of the strapping machines. This type of dealer is very easy to identify - simply look at what else they have to sell - and then assess what degree of back up you are likely to receive.

The Plastic Strapping Machine Description.

Words have a range of meanings other than those you as an individual might attribute to them.
For example commonly used phrases are:
Unable to test as we have no strapping...
Not used for some months but was working before we put it into store.
No longer required
Refurbished by seller? Begs the question is the seller likely to have the experience to do it - what's refurbished mean? Painted the cabinet perhaps
                                     to give a higher perceived value.

None of these words mean that the strapping machine is operational.

Brand of  Plastic Strapping Machine.

This should be a crucial element in your decision making process - stick with the well known brands sold by the major specialist strapping companies and avoid those imported by small UK companies that have negotiated exclusive UK importation rights, as the machines seldom originate from the premier and most reliable manufacturers of strapping machines, and sources for spares and service will be very limited. Type the details on the machine type e.g DSP200 into the search engine and establish if they are being sold by any other companies.
They may be offered cheaply but in the trade they are used to generate service revenue that far exceeds the profit made on the sale of the  machine.

Proof of machine condition:

Ask for  a video to show the machine is in operating condition.


Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information.

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