Used and secondhand strapping machines


...from the right source can repay the small outlay involved far quicker than most users of handtools realise.

Whilst strapping handtools are possibly the first option that most companies requiring to strap packages and pallets consider, because they are relatively cheap to buy, they fail to appreciate that the running cost when they are used is generally at least 16 pence per minute. But even when this is pointed out all too frequently there is a failure to understand that this cost can amount to thousands of pounds a year on packaging overhead - every year.


If it takes on average two  minutes to apply two straps to a carton with strapping handtools that's obviously 32 pence per carton, and it will cost £32 a day if 100 cartons a day are strapped.. and after 10 days it will have cost £320 in labour and overhead... at least!

Note: A used semi automatic strapping machine could be purchased for this expenditure.... and at 2.5 seconds to apply each strap comparative cost would be just over £13.00 to strap the same number of cartons.


Ah! we hear you say - we only strap 50 cartons a day, to which we would respond with the obvious comment - OK, in just over a month  what has been spent manually strapping would have purchased a used semi automatic strapping machine.

e.g 3

But we only strap 25 cartons... and can see that it's obvious - we cant afford to continue using handtools - we should be using a strapping machine.

Your money - your choice!... let the Plastic Strapping Company in Nottingham help you make that choice!


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