Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine

Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines – Why second thoughts are important! 

So many companies are misled by the theoretical speed of automatic pallet  plastic strapping machines quoted by the sellers and don’t have a timely appreciation that all too frequently  optimum speeds are severely down rated by the speed that pallets can be presented to the strapping machines. Hardly ever will the cost – and time taken to take the pallets to and away from a stand alone automatic pallet strapping machine  be added to the quoted machine cycle time. 

Cost too – particularly those other than the obvious ones like strapping machine aquisition costs, are similarly overlooked such as feeding an automatic pallet strapping machine with pallets – the cost of running an FLT... and driver...maintenance contracts... spares, and of course downtime because breakdowns are guaranteed.... so no peace of mind... just ongoing outlay. 

The alternative: 

Use low cost simple strapping machinery that does not break down – that eliminates the need for spares – maintenance costs – risk of downtime. too. 

Use pallet strapping machines that do not require pallets to be moved to a strapping station and  eliminate the associated handling equipment costs and subsequent time penalties. 

Strap two three pallets simultaneously – in seconds, and certainly no longer than it would take to ferry just one pallet to an automatic strapping machine, using low cost polypropylene and not the high cost automatic strapping machine grades. One pallet at a time is not the best solution. 

Ah buts? 

Of course – an operator  is needed –  true  !  but that cost is significantly less than FLT operation costs +driver+machine maintenance contract + strapping machine spares + downtime costs... and the

simple strapping equipment costs no more than 15-20% of the automatic strapping systems and... is quicker.! 

The new simple system is based on the well known  Strap Poka  mobile pallet  machines principle and can strap one , two or three pallets all at the same time within 90 seconds. Basically comprising ‘C’ frame strap carriers travelling on overhead rails, straps can be placed over the top, down the back and thru pallet voids on any number of pallets – simultaneously. The equipment is also a very low cost backup for those Companies that have already purchase automated inline pallet strapping machines and where downtime costs thousands of pounds an hour… all the pressure is off for production managers as production is maintained and customers stay satisfied.. 

The principle:





Note: All the plastic straps are applied at the same time around the pallets so the ability to strap say three pallets per minute - 180 per hour - competes very favourably with the larger sophisticated plastic strapping systems but without the complications or large capital outlay they require. 


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Automatic pallet strapping machines

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