Pallet strapping 2,3,4 pallets all at the same time...

The automatic and automated pallet plastic strapping machine options:

...always involve high capital outlay, high maintenance and spares costs... unscheduled breakdowns with associated costs.... and the ability to strap just one pallet at a time.

Alternatively The Plastic Strapping Company's new pallet strapping machines called Strap Pokas can strap 2,3,4 pallets simultaneously, cost less than 20% of conventional automatic plastic  strapping machines, do not require service contracts or engineers. It's a modular semi automatic strapping machine that is quicker than the automated strapping machines and that offers uniquely.... 'peace of mind' to buyers and production managers alike..

Designated the Model VP2 Multipallet Strapper, the system enables subsequent modules to be added without limit when increasing numbers of pallets need to be strapped simultaneously.

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