Low Cost Mobile Pallet Strapping Machines

We find it amazing that Companies are still paying employees to apply plastic strapping to pallets in the slowest and most tiring way possible, such that the labour cost is at least twice what it should be. A mobile low cost device called a Strap Poka Pallet Strapping Machine will simultaneously place two or more plastic straps around a pallet in just 6 seconds, so what are these Companies thinking when they equip employees with ‘brush handles’ and the like to get plastic straps thru pallet voids.

Lets qualify low cost… For just £1380 a Strap Poka will halve the time taken to apply plastic strapping around  pallets, make the job less tiring and safer.

Lets qualify cost again…even if an employees salary is only £12000 p.a then the strapping machine will pay for itself in less than two months…. It’s a ‘no brainer’, particularly when Companies worldwide are looking to decrease costs and increase productivity.

To see one of these unique pallet strapping machines in use watch the 40 second video - that's how long it takes to strap a pallet using one of these unique strapping machines Click here



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