It’s like this….who would go mountain climbing with a frayed rope… well of course no sensible person would do this because …well, the danger of falling off a rock face is a bit personal isn’t it. But different criteria frequently appear to rule in the Timber Industry where packs of wood are secured with a good grade of polypropylene strapping….but joined with a thin metal clip which cannot stop straps slipping through if subjected to minor shock loading.

The clip is the ‘weakest link’ Although the strap may have a break strength of say 300 Kgs so often the clip lets the strap slide through with as little as 60 kgs applied load….because they also frequently buy and use the least effective tooling too, and the plastic strap therefore is only as strong as the weakest link!

So what? It appears that other peoples lives are devalued… as the response frequently encountered when we point this out is ’ We’ve not had an accident yet’…
Strapping timber safely

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