Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

It's not uncommon for enquirers with a carton strapping application to initially give an 'adverse'  knee jerk reaction to the cost of semi automatic strapping machines when compared with  that of a handtool, frequently the subject of the initial enquiry. What is generally overlooked however is the hourly labour cost cost ( There's a man behind a strapping tool) and slow speed at which handtools for carton strapping are operated. The man costs at least 10 - 15 pence per minute...and if he takes two minutes per carton.....

The initially perceived belief that handtools present an economical solution to carton strapping is certainly untrue if say more than 30 cartons a day are to be double strapped. and can not only quickly be disproved , but are shown to be a rather expensive solution.

Click here to see a semi automatic strapping machine being used, and then compare it with the marathon efforts required using the 'quicker method'

The maths are not complicated......


An application required 50 cartons to be double strapped per day. Using a  'low cost' hand tool, tensioner and crimper the procedure is:

1 Pick up end of strap

2 Lift carton to get strap underneath and around.

3 Thread strap around carton

4 Place strap into strapping tool

5  Operate strapping tensioner

6 Place clip over joint

7 Pick up and use seal crimpers

8 Take tools off carton

= 8 operations per strap!

And then do the same again for every strap applied to every carton.  Average time per strap applied will be approximately one minute, so 50 cartons x 2 straps x 1 minute average = 1.6 hours per day minimum.

At a minimum wage of £7.50/hour cost would be £3000 per annum at least - every year.  Much more if salary is higher...

Alternatively, and using a Semi Automatic Strapping Machine time taken would be just 4-5 minutes a day x £7.50 x 5 days x 50 weeks = £156.00 per annum

Conclusion?   It's a No Brainer!... A Semi Automatic Strapping machine pays for itself in just three months!

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