Pallet Banding Machine applied three plastic straps

Plastic Strapping Costs - the real cost reductions

Imagine some one gifted you 30 pence for every plastic strapped pallet despatched from your premises for a year… then if these numbered approx 40 a day you’d be receiving approx £3000 p.a every year.  It could amount to even more if a greater number of pallets were processed, or if 4 straps are applied. 

It’s true and easily achievable! – do the sums: 



Many Companies have already saved thousands of pounds a year. Whilst their competitors were focussing on saving a few pence on the price of plastic strapping, they looked at the biggest cost element first – Labour - and saved thousands!  

Consider - if someone is paid  say £18,000 a year, that equates to approx 15.0 pence per minute, and if it takes on average 3 minutes to strap each pallet over the course of a shift then the cost per pallet strapped will be   45 pence… disappearing with every pallet out the despatch bay doors. If say 40 strapped pallets a day are being despatched, for  a 5 day x 50 week year x 50 pallets/day  that all adds up to approx £5625.   That’s an unnecessary expense particularly when it’s routinely costing their competitors only £1250 p.a. - a saving of £4374 to strap the same volume of pallets. 

They achieve this with a simple piece of mobile pallet strapping equipment that generally pays for itself within the first six months, and if you would like to make the same degree of cost reduction contact us and we’ll show you how its done. Click Here to see details of the complete range of low cost pallet strapping machines and here if you'd like to watch a 40 second video - that's all it takes to strap a pallet.


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