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It is not unknown for a plastic strapping extruder to resort to the 'rather questionable practice' of short coiling and although it's not common the reputable members of the trade are aware that from time to time this does happen, particularly in a tough economic climate. 

A similar situation existed with stretch film some years ago where the suppliers recognised that the chance of the 'short measure' being discovered was slim as few users had given consideration as to how the meterage specified on the packaging and invoiced  could be checked... and was actually being delivered.invoiced could be checked... and wasactually being delivered.

Reels of plastic strapping

With plastic strapping materials it's a relatively easy check to make. Plastic Strapping is wound on cardboard cores or plastic reels and these can easily be weighed. The strapping yield i.e. its weight per metre will be given on request to all enquirers by the reputable suppliers enabling a user to weigh an unused coil of strap, subtract the weight of the core or reel, and divide the remainder by the yield to obtain the approximate number of metres.  Where the yield figure is withheld by a supplier, perhaps on the pretext that it is information of a confidential nature then alarm bells should ring.

See the picture on the left - one good reel - one short reel.

In general, Packaging Distributers supplying end users do not make these coil capacity checks at all or on any routine basis, and in fact have no inclination to do so as their coils of strapping - on a like for like specification - appear to be competively priced. Short coiling in the region of 15 -20% is not unheard of.


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