Semi auto banding machine

 Plastic Strapping Machine and Hand Tool Hire.

...and lease purchase are available on semi automatic and  automatic strapping machines and friction weld battery powered tools. It is the case that these financing options are becoming more and more popular particularly with automatic strapping machines and friction weld tools.  For example a  good quality European manufactured automatic carton strapping machines that can apply straps at the rate of 30 - 40 per minute can be leased over a three year period for approximately £175 per month and the savings in time when compared with strapping items manually will probably pay for the monthly outlay many times over bearing in mind that labour cost  will probably be at least 15 pence / minute so if it takes on average  two minutes to strap a carton that's a 30 pence loss attached to every carton two minutes a strapping machine can strap at least 20 cartons allowing time for putting them into and taking them out of the machine..



Semi Automatic Strapping Machines can also be leased.


For example three semi automatic strapping machines can be leased over a three year period for approximately £65.00/month i.e. approx £5.00 each per week...and they will apply a strap around a carton in approx 2.5 seconds which does raise the question as to who can possibly afford to use strapping hand tools where the cost of applying a strap will cost  approx 30 pence a carton and could on average take   2 minutes each, instead of 5 seconds!.


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