Two of the largest Timber Groups in the UK have recently recognised that for years timber packs have been secured with strapping systems not fit for purpose, having been mis-led by suppliers wrongly describing strapping equipment and materials as ' heavy duty' or 'suitable for heavy duty applications' and failing to mention  the safety issues associated with what is frequently very cheap, and sometimes not so cheap strapping tools. In fact many companies are still using sytems fit only for cartons.

 Consequently both Timber Groups have changed their entire network of branches to use polyester strapping and the correct sealing methods i.e serrated safety seals or friction weld tools both of which provide a much stronger joint in the strap and make much greater use of the strapping strength.. 



Row 1 Col 1

Polyester Banding Tool

Polyester Banding Tool

Row 1 Col 2

Friction Weld Banding Tool

Battery Powered Banding Tool


The shortcomings of many strapping systems have been pointed out to Companies over the past years by the specialist Strapping Companies, most of who report that the common response is 'We've had no accident yet and have been using this system for years'

There is now a noticeable trend however for Companies to recognise that it reflects badly on management to continue taking a risk on safety when the ability to demonstrate - in the event of an incident - that best state of the art equipment and materials are being used is so easy, particularly when it costs so little to upgrade.

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