Plastic Strapping Purchases.

Throughout the UK professional packaging material buyers in Companies small and large strive to get the best deal possible on consumables - 1p a roll off stretchwrap - 20 pence a coil off plastic strapping etc and when achieved no doubt there is a feeling of satisfaction on a job well done. And yet if the negotiations had been conducted differently with prospective strapping suppliers or say by someone else, its likely that a far better outcome could have been achieved. 

Plastic Strapping

The style of negotiations conducted  in UK  do not generally deliver the best outcome for a buyer because seldom is the prospective supplier given any target prices - consequently they quote 'blind'. The reluctance to reveal what is currently paid is 'secret'- no target prices are given and strapping suppliers are frequently told they were not competitive - no negotiation therefore - end of encounter. And yet it is likely that even the quotation accepted using such methods will deliver only a more competitive price - not the most competitive.

Elsewhere in the world  a buyer signals from the outset the price required, giving prospective suppliers a target which may or maynot be achieved but invariably starts a genuine negotiation process which is far more likely to achieve a better outcome and one that's acceptable to both parties.The all too common lack of any real negotiations conducted with suppliers does without doubt  add to production costs and could easily be avoided.

There is however a far greater drain on company resources- despite the best endeavours of buyers in focussing on controlling consumable costs like plastic strapping - or perhaps because of it - many of the larger companies manually strapping pallets are losing thousands of pounds every year because no one is paying attention to how it is applied, and how long it takes to apply it. Labour costs are frequently the highest cost - even if only part of the overhead is considered - with wages likely to be at least 16 - 20 pence per minute - the time taken to apply stretchwrap or straping to a pallet frequently results in losses amounting to thousands of pounds every year lost through the despatch bay doors - unnoticed.

The Plastic Strapping Company in Nottingham manufacture low cost mobile Pallet Strapping Machines to suit a wide variety of applications, all bespoke manufactured  that not only reduce the cost of applying strapping manually by at least 50%, but the time and effort too by similar margins with payback achieved in as little as two-three months in many circumstances. That's where the real savings are made - thousands of pounds every year - not a few pence! It's achieved with very low cost but very effective equipment like this

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