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Mobile Pallet Banding Machines.

...manufactured by PSCL cost so little that virtually every Company strapping twenty pallets or more a day can reduce the time and cost of strapping pallets by 50-% or more - and achieve payback in as little as three months. The plastic strapping machines also perform better than many of the very expensive conventional strapping machines - require no power - no maintenance, therefore no service contracts, neither do they need special grades of plastic strapping - the cheapest grades of strapping will do fine!

It's true ..and they are mobile so no time wasted taking pallets to and from a static pallet strapping machine.

Pallet Strapping Machine VP2: A real time saver!


This mobile pallet strapping machine costs so little to buy ( Is also available for hire)  yet saves thousands of pounds a year. It puts two straps at a time around a pallet in six seconds ....there's no way a conventional manual strapping system can do it as quickly as that... not even with a threader stick. Click this link - Pallet Strapping Machine Low Cost -to see a video via Youtube



Pallet Strapping Machine VP3SA:  

Faster than a strapping machine costing ten times as much!

This mobile plastic strapping machine does everything that the VP2 does, but is even more versatile and effective as it not only puts three straps around a pallet all at once, reducing the cost and time taken to apply three straps manually by approx 75% . It can operate conventionally on pallets at ground level and also on pallets located on conveyors as the height of forks can be easily adjusted..


Pallet Strapping Machine VP3L:

Three plastic straps around a pack - all at once!

This mobile pallet strapping machine is yet another example of how this unique  range of  plastic strapping machines can be modified to suit a wide variety of applications. This application required three vertical straps to be placed - all at once to save time and effort - on constantly variable pitches along the length of sawn boards.


Pallet Strapping Machine VP2WA:


This pallet strapping machine was a customer led development - it's a conventional VP2 Pallet Strapping Machine that applies two plastic straps - both together - that  can also be used to apply one horizontal strap as required.




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Pallet Strapping Machine PT11. 

Pallet Strapping Machine PT

If pallets are strapped and immediately moved by pallet truck it surely makes sense to use the pallet truck to take the plastic straps around the pallet. The pallet can be strapped in situ on the truck and then wheeled away. This type of pallet strapping machine is quite unique and demonstrates the fact that this range of equipment can generally be adapted to suit all types of plastic strapping application See a short video showing this machine being used. Click the linkPallet Strapping Made Easy!



Consider the HP Range of Pallet Strapping Machines:

                            Strapping Machine HP3WA is new and is  ideal for applying horizontal plastic straps around palletised trays and boxes. It's a simple entry level concept that doesn't cost alot so payback is quick. The strapping machine holds 3 or 4 reels of strap, the take off of strap is height adjustable ensuring that the straps stay level as the operator takes them around the pallet into a suspended strapping tool. A major feature of this plastic strapping machine that will appeal is the fact that it holds cardboard edge protection pieces vertical and in place on all four corners of the pallet until the first strap is applied. It's got a small footprint too so this mobile strapping machine is ideal where space is restricted.


Pallet Strapping Machine  HP4WA:

It's a faster version  of the pallet strapping machine HP3WA above. In this instance however the machine is fitted with a rotary arm on the top gantry that carries up to four straps - all at once, and at different ladjustable levels - around the pallet. The operator therefore walks around the pack only once to apply all four straps..

Pallet Strapping machine HP2SAVP2


This  pallet strapping machine applies two vertical plastic straps and two vertical straps all at once just by pushing the unit around the pallet. Used by the chemical industry for palletised drums,  its approx three times faster than  strapping a pallet manually in the conventional way.


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