Jack Truck Strapping Machine

Pallet strapping time cut in half with a pallet truck strapping machine!

The time and effort taken to apply two straps to approx 50 pallets every day by using a pallet truck converted to a strapping machine doubled the rate at which pallets were secured with plastic strapping.

As the pump truck entered the pallet it placed two plastic straps, at the same time, over and under the pallet, in just six seconds, cutting out the need to move a strap trolley to the pallet, and the tiresome task of threading the strap over and through the pallet voids, over and over again during the course of an eight hour working shift. Now it's a case of production unable to keep pace with the despatch dept.

Massive cost savings calculated over the course of a year justified the purchase of this mobile pallet strapping machine called  a PT11, and in fact outlay was recovered in less than six months, with this bespoke unit manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. Nottingham. UK.


See for yourself how easy manual pallet strapping can be, click the link now.

The full range of unique low cost strapping equipment can be seen on www.pscl.co.uk


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