Pallet Strapping Machine

Manually strapping pallets in the conventional way universally creates a state a mind that is accurately portrayed thus: 

Pallet Strapping DepressionThe thought of dragging a plastic strapping reelholder over to a pallet, pulling the plastic strap off the reel, pulling the strapping over the top and down the back of the pallet, pushing it through the pallet voids, walking to the front of the pallet, stooping to pick up the end of the strapping before putting it the strapping tool - over and over again - is a prospect that creates mental despair - almost as bad as applying stretchwrap film  manually, walking

backwards in a spiral around a pallet over and over again.

It's not good, and worse than that if you are the person doing it. If you're just walking by it's not so much of an immediate issue... until the cost of strapping pallets in such a fashion becomes more obvious. Cost can be quantified in terms of time taken/pallet x labour overhead, number of people doing the job, health and safety issues particularly where significant quantities of pallets are shipped each day.

These simple calculations if covering a years operation frequently, and surprisingly to some, add up to thousands of pounds a year, every year.


The issues with regard to strapping previously mentioned however, all of them, can be easily resolved by using a mobile pallet strapping machine that will apply two straps at the same time around a pallet in just 6 seconds. Use of this equipment manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd Nottingham. UK effectively reduces time taken, effort and costs by more than 50%. The news get's better!...

The pallet strapping machines known as Strap-Pokas are very low cost, require no maintenance, will use all grades of plastic strapping, and are mobile, so they go to the where the pallets are located, and not the other way round, so avoiding any pallet movement.




The full range of this unique bespoke manufactured pallet strapping machines can be seen @ or click these links Pallet strapping without backache  and Pallet Banding the easy way!  showing how much easier and quicker it can be..


Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information.

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