An aspect... often overlooked when manually stretch wrapping pallets is that presented by the need for the operator to stoop or crouch, as both of these actions remove the employee from the natural sight line of forklift truck drivers that frequently operate in the same area. The risk of very serious injury occurring is high in the event of accident and and must be classified as such in any meaningful risk assessment.

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  Another issue that seldom receives attention is the underlying medical condition of the person doing the work e.g. people - all ages -  who may have  blood pressure and/or be on medication may well become dizzy when standing up quickly from a crouched position due to associated vascular disease, as occurs when tying stretch wrap to pallets, and made worse by the need to subsequently walk backwards in spirals many times around the pallet. Not surprising then that accidents have been attributed to loss of balance. Watch video - Back Pain Guaranteed
Blood pressure can show no physical or easily recognised symptoms and in industrial environments is seldom if ever taken into consideration when assessing an individuals suitability to do the job. Alcohol and drugs induce the same effects and are banned from the workplace, but not it seems the same instability caused by an activity considered essential by Industry.

Is stretch wrapping essential? 

 Over packaging is an international concern, justifiably so, and in a majority of cases stretch wrapping falls into this category. It is frequently the case that product is already well protected by many layers of packaging against the elements prior to stretch wrapping being applied, and in such cases it's purpose is then primarily one of load stabilisation. Plastic strapping is a well established and proven ( universally used prior to availability of stretch film) - palletised load stabiliser, costs less, can be applied very quickly and presents fewer problems, so it's not surprising that increasing numbers of Companies are reverting back to the use of plastic strapping. See video showing modern way of applying strapping to pallets.
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