Repetitive Strain Injury

Strapping Tool Repetitive Strain

The Health and safety at Work Act covers RSI and should be part of every Employers Risk Assessment Program

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is one of a number of general names given to a range of potentially disabling conditions – others include work-related upper limb disorders (WRULDs), overuse injuries and cumulative trauma disorder. It is important to remember that RSls are progressive conditions – and they will not get better on their own.

If the damage is allowed to continue, these symptoms, which may clear up overnight to start with, will get worse and will last longer.

Permanent disability can be the end result of trying to ‘grin and bear it’.

Early action can overcome the cause and pain of RSls and allow you to continue working.

So best not to get into a risk position where this disabling condition is likely to occur.

RSI and Pallet Strapping Tools.

Some strapping tools weigh 3.5 - 4.0Kgs.They are picked up with one hand, moved with one hand, and subsequently put down with the same hand...i.e. a minimum total of at least 10kgs is lifted with each pallet strapped. Assume 50 pallets a day are strapped then the scale of the  risk becomes apparent - employers are asking employees to lift 1/2 tonne with one hand every day... and remember RSI's are progressive injuries - they are not immediately apparent.

Repetitive Strain Strapping
This category of banding tool include all the battery powered friction weld strapping tools for which there is an essential accessory i.e The Friction Weld Banding Tool Work Station which eliminates all 'the picking up and putting down' on the part of the operator by supporting the strapping tool, at any height on the side of the pallet - in effect making it a virtually 'Hands-Free' .operation. Employer benefits also accrue as the tool is never dropped - a frequent cause of tool damage necessitating repair and subsequent costs. A video can be seen illustrating the principle on which these
  Friction Weld Banding Tool Stations operate.

This strapping tool support equipment is manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. Nottingham.UK

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Repetitive strain injury pallet strapping

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