Steel & Plastic Strapping safety trolley

Health & Safety Issues with Strapping Banding Trolleys

It really is unbelievable that in an age of risk assessments that the development of plastic strapping trolleys has remained at standstill for the last 60 years, which underlines the failure of the industry to recognise problems that users of manual strapping systems experience on a daily basis... until now! 

Health & Safety Strapping
 Recognising that strapping has to be picked up from the strapping trolley prior to each strap being applied - and that it is conventionally presented at low level requiring the operator to stoop to pick it up The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd Nottingham. UK are manufacturing the safety trolley that not only presents the strap at waist level to the operator, but also allows the strap to be pulled off in any direction, so minimising the number of times the trolley has to moved. 
Health & Safety Depts are the key movers fuelling the purchase of this new strapping trolley, recognising the ergonomic benefits for employees, and the elimination of yet another risk issue from their assessments.
Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information on plastic strapping health and safety issues.
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