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 Used Strapping Machines:

The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd in Nottingham is receiving more and more calls for assistance from Companies that have purchased strapping machines described by vendors as 'reconditioned' unaware that the term has a whole range meanings that vary with the type of vendor, and meanings quite different to that assumed by the buyer.

The major source of used strapping machines is from companies that decide to replace the equipment, generally because it's worn out and unreliable... but frequently still working.  It's true of course that Companies upgrade strapping machines as and when their business grows but they are not a significant source of good used strapping machines however, as there is a tendency for them to keep good strapping machines for emergency backup.

The majority of used strapping machines on offer the bulk of which are semi automatic strapping machines fall into the first category however and providing the machines are working the refurbishment could amount to blowing the machines out to remove strap debris accumulated from many years use, and perhaps re-spraying machine panels to remove the most obvious signs of age. The fact is there is a limit to what can be done from a cost viewpoint as these strapping  machines have to be offered at prices significantly below the price of a new machine... and therein lies the source of the problem, as the best semi auto strapping machines can be purchased new for approx £600. The machines may look 'presentable' therefore but 99% of the original worn parts will be inside, and appearance can  fairly be described as deceptive... but that is what in reality you will be buying. Video Used semi automatic banding machine

Earlier, mention was made of the type of vendor and it is the case that many of these strapping machines are offered by strapping machine service engineers previously employed by the major specialist strapping Companies, and they do need to create a revenue stream to maintain the viability of their business. The margin made by selling a  used semi automatic strapping machine  is small, has to be supplemented in some way and this is achieved from servicing the machines when they break down and in fact the first service call will generally double the profit made from the machine... the more the strapping machine breaks down the more profitable the account becomes... The cost for calling out a strapping engineer is seldom less that £120 and often much more, so it will be quickly appreciated the the gap between used strapping machine price and a new one will quickly narrow to not alot when the first service call is made. Refurbishment can therefore mean profit replenishment in this instance. Most buyers making a private purchase, say a car would not entertain such a deal so it's a puzzle....

The percieved saving when buying most used semi automatic strapping machines can be illusory therefore, because within a short time the cost of maintaining such a machine quickly far  exceeds the purchase cost of a new machine, and the buyer ends up with an expensive 'pup' 

Everyone remembers who made a bad buy, so do be careful and make sure you know what you are buying, and what type of Company you are sourcing the machine from. Video Typical used automatic carton banding machine

All strapping machines offered by PSCL are from known sources, are fully tested in a working environment for a period of not less than two weeks, where they have to perform without fault. and videos showing the machines in operation are offered to prospective buyers.

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