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 Big issues for the buyer of strapping and banding machines - new or used -frequently arise however because scant attention is paid to the individual or organisation offering them, and yet its so easy to get early indications of the likelyhood that the seller knows anything about used plastic strapping machines, and therefore what weight to give any opinions/descriptions given.

For an early indication look at what other items the seller is offering, and if they are totally unrelated to plastic strapping machines, draw your own conclusions.


It follows that in these circumstances absolutely no back up strapping machine service will be available,  and the seller is unlikely to know or acknowledge if the strapping machine is an obsolete model or if spares are still available..... what is also surprising is that some used plastic strapping machines are advertised at prices far in excess of the costs of brand new machines.

It really is a case of ' BUYER BEWARE'

The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd always has a large range of good used plastic strapping machines available, and offers prospective buyers a video of the intended strapping machine purchase immediately prior to completion of the transaction.

Typical strapping machine video Typical strapping tool video


Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information.


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