Automatic Box Strapping Machine CI 89 is presented in corporate colours but is believed to originate from the Far East. Most box strappers originate from Taiwan, China and Korea and all have easily identified visual characteristics

Cyklop CI 89 Strapping Machine Chines Automatic Bcarton Strapping Taiwanese Bundling Machine


The specification for the CI 89 reads:

High end automatic strapping machine with many options.
The CI 89 strapping machine has following features:

  • high output – up to 40 strappings/ min.
  • Simple and easy operation.
  • automatic re-feed function in the event of an ejection fault
  • automatic strap ejection in the event of strapping without a package
  • easy and simple strap insertion.
  • fast heating-up system (30 sec.).
  • high reliability/ stability
  • low maintenance

The CI 89 is the top of the range machine for automatic strapping of packages (carton-boxes, newspapers etc.) Suitable for polypropylene strap widths: 9, 12 or 16 mm. The CI 89 is distinguished by reliability, easy operation and low maintenance.

The best value machines are generally manufactured in Taiwan, Japan, Germany or USA.

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