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Stand Alone Pallet Strapping Machines

 We are always slightly surprised when we receive enquiries for stand alone automatic strapping machines - rather than inline strapping machines - that the costs of actually taking pallets to and from the strapping machine are seldom taken into the running cost considerations.  maintenance cost, service contracts, spares, down time being the usual the normal considerations - but not the cost of moving the pallets to and from the strapping machine.

Automatic Pallet Strapping machine

In the UK the minimum legal wage means that employers are paying an employee at least 9 - 10 pence per minute, and in reality it's probably nearer 15 pence a minute. It follows therefore that if it takes just one minute to fetch a pallet from production areas to the strapping machine, and another to take it away from the strapping machine to despatch bay or storage racks, its cost a minimum of 30 pence a pallet - and if the FLT driver waits at the machine for the strapping macxhine cycle to be completed the true cost is in the region of 45 pence per pallet.

Because use of an automatic strapping machine is being considered then it is reasonable to suppose that say 50  pallets a shift at least are going to be strapped, so assuming this is a 5 day a week operation the costs of moving pallets to and away from a strapping machine in the manner described will be at least £5,625 p.a.   We say at least because no account has been taken of FLT costs which have to be added. ie gas, electric, maintenance etc..... that's a lot of margin disappearing out the door with every pallet.

Pallet Strapping Machine

It is the case that low cost mobile pallet strapping machines such as Strap Pokas eliminate most of these FLT movements, cost next to nothing to buy compared with an automatic strapping machine, and double strap a pallet in 40 seconds at an equivalent cost of just 10 pence.... i.e. are faster, giving a much lower cost per pallet strapped with virtually no capital outlay when compared with a conventional pallet strapping machine..

If you'd like to see a short 40 second video that illustrates how effective these low cost mobile pallet strapping machines are, then click this link  Halve the time and effort strapping pallets.


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