Pallet Strapping machine


 A large number of automatic pallet strapping machines are sold as stand alone units i.e. not installed in a conveyor and that means the machine has to be fed pallets by a person with a fork lift truck - and taken away with a fork lift truck, and yet seldom is the time and cost of this part of the operation given serious consideration, focus given mainly to the speed that the pallet strapping machine can throw straps around the pallet once the pallets are in it. 

It is logical to assume therefore that if all this handling could be eliminated a simpler less costly system would be well worth consideration particularly if it costs tens of thousands of pounds less, and output of strapped pallets was the same.

The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd have introduced a very simple low cost mobile strapping machine that fulfills these criteria and to see how easy and quick it is to use view the video via Youtube - click this link Pallet Strapping Machine  

See the full range of unique low cost, mobile pallet strapping machines 


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